Any project begins from libraries. Revit uses special BIM families. The smart families created according to building codes and internal standards of organization are the key to quickly and high-quality operation.

We create families of any complexity for the project by means of AutoCad drawings or by means of any other samples for designers, architects, or engineering sections.

The Revit families are necessary first for designers. Besides Revit libraries are required for manufacturers of building constructions and engineering equipment.

Modelling of the smart Revit families for designers.

Creation of the Revit families for hardware manufacturers.

Families’ creation for producers of building constructions.

Transferring libraries of the project organization from dwg to the Revit families.

Development of the Revit families according to building codes.

Implementation the smart Revit families to the existing project.

Different roadmap refining levels for difficult projects.

Different behavior patterns of object within one family.


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